Monday, February 16, 2009

A Dirty Revelation

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So I have decided to delete this entry for the sake of giving respect to the people involved here. We never meant for anything like this to happen but I'm glad this issue is over. We've talked things out and I hope things will get better and everone can finally move on with their lives...

To anyone who happened to read this entry and is connected to the characters involved here, I mean no intentions to harm, embarrass nor destroy their reputations. All of us our entitled to express our opinions. All of the contents were not altered nor fabricated in any way. No names were mentioned either. You can criticize me or whatever you want to say but my opinions and feelings are mine alone and I will stand up for it no matter what and basically this is why there's Blogspot. Peace out!

I have realized that no matter how eager you are to know the truth, just make sure you can handle it. If you want to raise a question, think first if you really want to know the answers. There are things that are better left unsaid, it's funny how they can make you go insane because what you want to know might be fatal for you.


gracie said...
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gracie said...

sabi nga nila, "what you don't know won't hurt you.." well i hope you'll be ok soon. dito lang ako :D mwuah!

JENNY said...

The thing is, I get drawn to learning the truth no matter how much it hurts. But well, you're absolutely right... I'll get over this sooner or later. thanks a lot neng. muah :)

Anonymous said...

omg jen. that was harsh.

I never knew things as worse as that could happen.

all the time, I was picturing josef and you as the most perfect couple ever. [srsly] and when he was goin out with "her", I [well, I guess its not only me, but most people especially those who knew you better] had this feeling that he still has a bit of faithfulness to you, even you weren't together anymore. but I just couldn't imagine that he did that with her.

but anyways, I admire you. really. you're such a strong person. and I am glad that things seemed to be better now. ^________^

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