Friday, August 21, 2009

New Lesson Learned: Stop Being Late

So okay, everyone basically knows that I always have problems about getting on time... I can't help it, I'm slow with preparations and on top of that, I'm definitely not a morning person to begin with :(

I was so psyched about the whole Extemporaneous Speech Competition thing. Our English professor chose me to represent my class to compete with other English classes. It wasn't a big deal to me if I win or not but I just wanted it to be substantial since this is my grade we're talking about! So today, the Speech Competition was held at the Brebeuf gym and it started at 1:00pm.... I arrived at 1:50pm (yeah I know, I shouldn't have entered right?) *sniff *sniff

I'm 50 minutes late and I got disqualified for it... Null... Void... Zero... BOKYA (ouch ma!)

Along with that, I was also included for the interclass debate along with my two other classmates. We also had a Choral Speech competition on that very same day of the Extemporaneous Speech competion. It is where the class has to memorize a loooong poem and act them out as a whole and of course I have to be there. (It's a tiring thing to memorize such freakin' piece, hello?!) Thing is, I asked my professor to excuse me from it since I will be joining the Extempo Speech thingy anyway and he agreed. How embarrassing it would be for me and shameful to him when he finds out that I got disqualified!!! T_T

What's humiliating was when I came in with my business attire (I read the mechanics and we were strictly required to wear business attire!) and all the other contestants looked very casual, all of them were male except for me and this other girl! So I looked really sophisticated and everything, it has drawn a lot of attention from the audience which just added an extra embarrassment to me. Imagine, "Wow she looked so prepped up for this, I wouldn't wonder why she's late" Oh yeah, how cool is that?

Reason for my tardiness? I came home for lunch at 12:00pm with Josef and I just spent my time enjoying the food that I forgot it was almost 1:00pm and I had to wash tons of dishes after that and take a shower from all the glitters and stain that I got from my classmates' props. Ha wow... No matter how I would try to see it, I'm still late. Period.

So I guess, that was a lesson learned for me since I'm always late on the first period which I know is a bad habit and I really need to work out on that. My English professor never dropped me for my frequent tardiness since I'm included on the Extempo Speech thing. This time around, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't think twice anymore of dropping me from his class so I gotta make sure that I won't be late again just so I can save my ass from this subject =/

Anywayyy, I'm glad that among 15 classes that competed, our class got through the elimination round of Choral Speech Competition!!! Well, we're finally included in the Finals and there's five other classes that we have to compete with to win the Championship. The props were so wicked! Jay-r's choreography was amazing and yes I'm definitely proud of our class (though I didn't join LOL) but hey, I was always there whenever they practice. Haha :D

What made me feel better was the fact that my classmates and friends were there to watch and support me. It made me feel really guilty because they were there just to see me get disqualified but I was surprised that they comforted me all throughout the whole afternoon though I'm not that close to them yet since we were reshuffled and and we are still new to each other. So it got me closer to them which made me glad. The others, though they were late, they still came to see us. It was very comforting, really. I felt so adored by everyone :) They even came with me to watch a DVD movie and we all chilled at Josef's house the whole afternoon; and to think, we still have two exams to get through with tomorrow!!! LOL
Eating, laughing, watching movie and chatting were basically the highlight of my day! Awww... I'm so thankful :)

I can't wait to hang out with my friends again tomorrow! Oh, and tomorrow is the last day of midterms! Woot! Woot! It's gonna be Iryn's 18th birthday party and after that, me and the gang are going finish off the evening with some fun drinking! LOL XD This is gonna be fun, hopefully :D

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