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10 Makeup Mistakes Girls Commit

Do you constantly find yourself in an awkward situation when someone stares at you and bluntly asks, “What happened to you this morning?” or “What’s that on your face?” A lot of us girls often become victims of humiliation when we commit certain mistakes when it comes to makeup and fashion.

Here are the top 10 most common makeup mistakes that I have learned from makeup experts and gurus that will definitely put you in the Circus category.

1. Epic Fail Eye Liner
Applying an eye liner is the most difficult thing to perfect. It requires patience, a steady hand and a good brand of eye liner to give your peepers that oomph factor. If it doesn’t turn out right or at least balanced in both eyes, your eye shape may look uneven. You might even be mistaken as this party girl who went straight to the club to do her makeup and it was so dark there, she couldn’t see well. Smudged eyeliner and/or mascara is definitely not the sexiest thing on a woman, unless you’re a frustrated Emo, rock star or Avril Lavigne wannabe.

Can you see how the line didn't even reach the inner corner of the eye?

A space between the eye liner and your lash line is a big NO NO!!!

A messy eye liner makes it look very cheap.

The correct way or applying eye liner!
 Tip: Since applying an eye liner takes a lot of good skills to perfect, practice first at home. Start with the basics before learning how to make a wing for cat eye effect. Follow the natural line of your eyes by using an eye pencil. Be sure to check both eyes in the mirror to make sure both of them are in balance. Try tilting your head upwards so you can see your upper lash line from the mirror and draw streaks of line as close to the lash line as possible. Apply gel liner or liquid liner afterward. Just follow the line from the eye pencil as your guide. Apply a black or brown eye shadow depending on the color of your eye liner using an eye liner brush or a thin brush on to your eye line to set the gel or liquid liner. This will prevent if from smudging. Never share your eye liners, mascaras and other eye products to prevent bacterial contamination!

2. Cake Face
This makeup mistake always sends the wrong signal to people. One day they’d think you’re too white, another day they’d think you’re too brown. It’s very weird. You look like you are a part of the Powder Puff Girls where the only white in you is your face and the rest is just no comment.  In another point, people tend to think you have snake skin because your face just looks too thick that it seems to be covered layer by layer. When it’s not blended, you look like you have white patches around your face. May an-an ka ba teh?

See how Kim Kardashian looks old in this photo?

Tip: In choosing the best foundation, know what your skin type and skin tone first. For oily skin, go for powder or cake foundation. Avoid cream and liquid foundations, they will only make you look oilier. Avoid foundations that have high Spf because it reflects light, giving you that shiny appearance. For dry skin, use cream foundations or liquid ones so you can have that dewy look. Make sure to apply moisturizer first before applying foundation to prevent your skin from cracking. Normal skin types may go from cream, to liquid, to powder foundations. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone well. Do not try to match the foundation to your face’s skin tone because your face tends to be whiter than the rest of your body since you apply more products on it. Choose a shade that matches your neck for that natural look. Make sure to blend well with a smooth sponge or foam whatever the type of foundation you use and set it with a translucent powder.

3. Tacky Eye Color
Contact lenses look very cute in photographs but then it becomes too tacky on someone who is not naturally born with that kind of eye color. We, Asians are obviously born with the range of brown to dark brown eyes only. Having blue eyes on Asians just doesn’t look impressive. The look can be pulled off when you attend special occasions because you need to add make up to balance the color of your contact lenses. However, on regular days, that surely doesn’t make good impressions. 

Did you wish you looked like Snookie?

This looks more balanced only because she had eye make up on.
 Tip: Use clear contact lenses if you want to replace your prescription glasses. If you are really in desperate need of colored contacts, choose a shade that doesn’t attract too much attention. Never share your contact lenses and/or your eye solution to anyone because contact lenses have an increase risk of contamination. Dispose your contact lenses after three months, used or rarely used. It has already been contaminated by bacteria.

4. Inverted Racoon
When a girl has smudged mascara or eye liner, she is automatically called a Raccoon. Well what if she has white under eye circles? Do you know the perfect name to call you? Panda. Yes, you read it right.
Applying concealer to dark under eye circles is a requirement for certain girls but if you apply it incorrectly, you might just look like one of those girls from Jersey Shore. Concealing and highlighting your under eyes must always look natural no matter what.


This is only a reference but this shades help neutralize uneven colors.

Tip: Choose the right tone of concealer. Under eye circles vary from person to person. It’s like choosing a red lipstick, you must find your correct skin tone first. Refer to a color wheel so you can see which kind of concealer to use in order to achieve that perfect balance, neutralize redness and not look like a Panda. In highlighting, make sure not to pick out products that are too off white or too shimmery that they reflect too much light. That will give your face an imbalanced tone.
5. Eye lashes and Faux Lashes
 With the growing trend of faux lashes that a lot of girls rave about, it’s one thing that men will never understand. I haven’t really met a guy who finds falsies flattering on a woman let alone approve the daily use of it on a girl. For some reason, they find it hideous. However, for us women, we find it phenomenal especially if you don’t have enough lashes to open up your peepers. It looks very dramatic during red carpet events or special occasions, but for everyday use? That’s definitely inappropriate. Not to mention the increase risk of introduction of bacteria on the mucous membranes of your sensitive eyes because of the glue. How scary can that be?!

It didn't even reach the outside corner of the eye @.@
 Tip: If you really don’t have enough lashes, or you look have mono lids that you desperately need eye lash extensions or at least falsies, choose the less dramatic ones and the most natural looking ones. Never ever share your falsies and eye lash glue to others to reduce the risk of passing and acquiring bacteria. Make sure that your falsies are clean and disposable. Apply them in an aseptic manner because this is your eyes we’re talking about!

6. Unflattering Lip Color
I know that a lot of girls are becoming adventurous nowadays when it comes to trying new shades for their lippies. However, we have to understand that not all lip colors are flattering for our varied skin tones. These shocking lip colors would work for girls who plan on going to a gig or a halloween party. However, if you are at class or at work, you might want to tone that down for a bit. You don’t want to scare your teachers or classmates. You certainly don’t want to be the topic of your co-workers during break time.

Tip: Try shocking colors in sheer tones. You have to try them on before you purchase them because choosing the perfect lipstick is crucial to us girls! *wink* The two most versatile lip colors that guarantees to flatter your lippies and suit all skin tones are Peach and Baby Pink.

7. Red Lip Stain
Red lipsticks are very tricky to wear. Not everyone can wear the same lip color. It could also look over powering on certain skin tones. Red lip colors are ideally worn only special occasions because it requires a balanced eye makeup so it doesn’t wash you out. Aside from that, it easily smudges and stains the tooth which is very embarrassing! Red lips could either make or break you. In many cases, it doesn’t just break you, it humiliates you.

Tip: If you want to learn which red lipstick complements your skin tone, find out first if your skin tone is Warm, Cool or Neutral. Most Caucasians have cool skin tones and they look best with silver accessories. A lipstick with cool undertone is their choice. Asians, mostly have warm skin tones because of the yellowish undertone that we have. Warm under tone lipsticks are best. Gold accessories also complement that skin tone. Neutral skin tones are neither have warm or cold skin tones so any lip color works for them.

To find out more about finding the perfect red lip color for your skin tone, watch this helpful video by Michelle Phan.

8. Jersey Shore Bronze
Unless you plan on looking like a walking gold bar or an orange lady, then stay out from too much bronzing. It’s understandable that Philippines the best sunny place to soak up under the stand and go bohemian but then again, that’s only reserved for summer vacations; not for school and work stuff.

I know right?

Here's a guide for proper bronzing.
 Tip: If you have a light skin tone, always choose a bronze powder that is light in shade. Find something that’s sheer so you can build it up later if you need more color. For dark skin tones, choose a shade that is more matte and less shimmery so there is a sense of balance in your skin tone. Make sure to blend the areas well since harsh lines are more obvious in dark skin tones.

9. Drawing the Eye Brow
Seriously, do you expect anyone to believe that a drawn eye brow is cute? Ehh. I don’t think so. It looks very unnatural plus it adds age to your face, making you look too matured. Thin eye brows are unflattering, too. It makes your face look wider. With that being said, thick eye brows are not an exemption. You don’t want to be called an Amazona waiting for a man to become the next victim.

Tip: If you have little or no eye brows at all, choose a brow powder instead to make your eye brows more natural. Apply primer and a concealer as base so your brow powder will set and stay longer. Dust it with transparent powder so it stays put. If you really need to use pencil, use a light color and with a light hand, draw your brows as streaks and brush it well to blend harsh lines and set with a translucent powder. For thick eye brows, learn how to maintain a good brow shape by getting professional help from an artist so your brows will complement your face shape. Use brow powder instead of pencil for thick brows for a light and fresh look. Rule of thumb: choose a brow color that’s two shades darker than your light hair color and choose a brow color that’s two shades lighter than your dark hair color.

10. Lip Liner Alone?
This makeup mistake is not too common for students but it sure is common to older women because if I’m not mistaken, it was a popular trend back in the 70s and 80s. LOL! However, women like to do this because they want an illusion of fuller lips especially if they have very thin lippies. The whole point is, it doesn’t look flattering anymore. It looks like you just finished eating and you forgot to touch up your lip color, making the outer lines untidy.

Drag Queen in the making?
 Tip: For fuller and plumper lips, you can line your lippies with lip liner but make sure to color in the whole lips and finish it off with a tinted lip gloss. For longer lasting lip color, apply lip liner all over your lips and apply a lipstick that matches your lip liner. Make sure you apply a moisturizing lip balm first before you color your lippies with lip liner because it dries up your thin skin.

Whew!!! So I guess that's the Top 10 most common makeup mistakes. Have you discovered which mortal sin you have done yet? LOL :) I'll make another one for Fashion Mistakes as soon as I'm done with my survey. Ciao! :)


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