Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 10 Trend Setting Mistakes

Being a loyal follower of the latest trends is one thing, exploiting your flaws in all the wrong places is another. Though it seems sexy to others Etiquette and Class are the main characteristics a woman should always exude in everything she wears. Here are the Top 10 common clothing mistakes that women commit.

1.) Leggings as Pants
A very common fashion mistake is wearing your leggings as pants. It may look very flattering on the legs but it sure doesn’t look nice on your crotch and butt. Have you ever heard the words Camel toe?

This is what you call a "Camel Toe"

You wouldn't even think they're wearing part leggings!

Tip: If you really are into leggings, invest your money in a pair Jeggings. They’re very comfortable, durable and they lift your butt, giving your bottoms a firm look. The most important is, you can wear shorter tops without the appearance of a Camel toe.

2.) Wrong Panty
Do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling when you were rushing to dress up wearing white pants and you forgot to check your butt if your panty markings are obvious? Well you’re in for a tease trip.
Tip: Choose a panty that is in nude color, seamless in style and the most important thing is, it fits well to your bottoms. If there is a need for you to wear thongs, make sure that they are in low rise and they’re either white or nude to save you from looking like a slut.

3.) Inappropriate Bra or No Bra at All
Successful businesswoman and legendary model, Tyra Banks, strongly emphasizes the use of appropriate bras. Wearing a different colored bra or no bra at all violates a woman. It also attracts the wrong crowd.

4.) Crocs are not Sexy
According to Crocs Company, their famous footwear is only intended for fishing, swimming at the beach and other outdoor activities. Doctors and other medical personnel are the only exemption. 

Tip: If you really are into Crocs, there are a variety of designs that you can choose to wear with your attire. Ballet flats complement your legs when wearing dresses and skirts.

5.) Over Grown Manicure
For many girls out there, It could be quite pricey to pay for manicure and pedicure that you really keep your nail polish on even if the color is already degrading. Or you are just plain lazy to maintain your manicure.

Tip: Since maintaining a manicure is very crucial, it is essential to keep an Acetone in your vanity so when your nail polish starts to degrade and your nails grows longer, you can wipe them clean and replace the color with a new one.

6.) Over Grown Roots
It is difficult for girls and even boys to maintain the roots especially if you have dark roots and you dyed your hair with a very light color such as blonde. Can you spell the word Samal?

Tip: Ask your hair stylist for professional help when it comes to coloring hair at home and buy yourself a box of the same hair dye so you can touch up your roots at least every 2 weeks. Do not forget to touch up your whole hair every 3-4 months to maintain lock luster color.

7.) Tight FittedClothes
This is one fashion mistake that a lot of girls and even boys never learn from. For goodness’s sake, let your body breathe! It doesn’t flatter the shape but rather it emphasizes the baby fat especially when you sit down and eat.

Tip: If you want your curves to be emphasized, choose a top that has a stretchy but durable fabric. For plus size girls, you can wear dark colored blazers as an outer wear to show an illusion of slimmer waist.

8.) High Waist Bottoms Loses Your Waist
Just because high waist bottoms are very much back to our latest trend nowadays, it doesn’t mean that they flatter every body sizes. High waist bottoms are the most difficult things to wear

Tip: Although these kinds of bottoms are difficult to wear, it also doesn’t mean that you can’t use a little technique to make them work. For girls with thick waist, wear a short cardigan to give your body an illusion of slim waist and to give a balance between your waist and hips so you won’t lose your butt.

9.) Lingerie as an Outer Wear
As much as you think lingerie is a hot thing to wear, don’t forget that they can be misleading and may give the wrong impressions especially if you are meeting formal people. Remember, you are not a celebrity.

Tip: The best thing you can do is to tone the racy lingerie down. Wear high waist skirt and a blazer. Chunk up on accessories to lessen the attraction to the lingerie.

10.) Cellulites are Attractive in a Wrong Way
It’s very difficult to wear short skirts and shorts when you have cellulites. However, many girls seem to ignore it and insist on flaunting the legs despite the unsightly look of everyone.
If all else fails, you can just cover them and still be stylish!

Tip: Cellulites will never go away no matter what intervention you do. Slightly reduce their appearance by exfoliating your legs every week. The best way is to avoid having them by regular exercise and lessen the intake of fatty food.

 So there you go ladies! I'm sure everyone of us can still look sassy and glamorous without risking our boundaries just so we can be edgy with Fashion. Class is always important, remember that! :D
*Credits to Google for the photos that I used in this blog.


Anonymous said...

So agree with these especially number! Oh please, im so sick of looking at ass cracks and camel toes! and not to be mean, but a sagging bottom is definitely not to be displayed! :D

JENNY said...

I know right?! It's the bitter truth. I couldn't understand the trend nowadays. Girls go out as if they forgot to check in the mirror. lol :) Thank you for your comment!

Czar Ian said...

The number one is really disturbing and I hate it when girls wear that kind of stuff. Its really not nice.

missbebedoll said...

niiiceee Jenny! I had fun reading your blog! :) natuwa ako dun sa camel toe! yun pala tawag dun. nyahahahaha... I'm so lame XD

anyways, this is really helpful...thank you again for sharing! :)

Mikedie1 said...

camel toes are cute though LOL

lalalaPatricia said...

Day by day, i learned a lot with your fashion post/s! It a big helps :)

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