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Top 10 Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to essential hair care techniques, it is important to remember that there are some mistakes that most people may be making without knowing it. So if you’ve ever experienced a bad hair day check out this list of the top10 reasons why they happen and vow to avoid all of them when creating your next hair styling moment. 

1. Poor blow drying habits.
 Just about every woman’s hair can use some volume. Even hair thatis poker straight will look better with some volume. The trick is in theblow drying.Don’t blow dry your hair front to back- dry it back to front, lifting at theroots, bringing your hair up using a round brush. For even morevolume use a vent brush. The blow dryer should be held at least 12inches from your scalp, and keep it moving.

2. No Protection

If you use a blow dryer, curling iron, and/or electric curlers you should be using a thermal protector spray. With out it your hair is susceptible to damage from the high heat temperatures. Just spray your hair lightly and comb it throughout to distribute it evenly. Since thermal protectors are rare here in thePhilippines, using Vitress works just as fine.

3. The wrong choice.
You would think that most women would know their hair type. But when it comes to picking the perfect products for their hair type most women don’t have a clue.You may know that your hair is curly but is it a fine, coarse or medium texture? Is it color-treated, straight, wavy, or thinning? Do you need a thick gel or just some light mousse? If you are unsure of your exact hair type, ask your stylist. Perhaps you will need to combine two or more products to get the best results. It’s not rocket science but it’s close!

4. Too much of a good thing.
Using too much hair products also contributes to hair fall @.@
Even when they find the perfect product, most women use too much of it.When your hair stylist gives you the perfect hair cut for your hair, few styling products should be necessary. Your    hair should fall into place naturally. No more than a dime size of product is usually necessary.You will need even less of serums or pomades as they are more concentrated. Weighting your hair down with too much product can make it look unwashed and it will become a dust magnet.

5. Flat iron flattening

 Incorrect use if flat iron is evident to hairstylist. Your hair can become “fried" over time. This can lead to breakage. Many women forget the thermal spray that protects the hair shaft from the heat of a flat iron. After using the protection you should start by sectioning your hair into small sections almost as wide as the flat iron.  Starting at the roots, slowly pull the iron down to silken and smooth the hair. When you come to the end of your hair you can choose to pull straight out, flip up or flip under.

6. Trying to style wet or damp hair.
Brushing or combing wet hair basically causes split ends.
 Only hair that is completely dry will hold a hair style.If your hair takes a long time to blow dry you may want to wash it at night to avoid feeling rushed in the morning. Actually hair that has had time to recoup some of the oils that have been washed out will behave better. Once your hair is completely dry, apply any styling products you are using and continue to dry your hair on a low to medium setting. Then style.

7. Waiting too long in between hair cuts 

 Ask any professional: A great hairstyle begins with a great hair cut.Some hair cuts will look great as they grow out, but if you like the hairstyle your wearing, get back to the hairstylist as soon as your hair begins to grown out. This could be anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks.  This will help the stylist know just what look you want.Another good tip is when you get that perfect hairstyle or haircut, be sure to take a picture, one of the front, one of the back, and both sides, and bring them with you. This way the hairstylist will know exact what you want. Even if you want to grow your hair out, a trim of the split ends is very important. Frequent trims will cut the split end off before it can split the entire shaft of hair. This is important if you want a smooth and silky look to your hair.

 8. Over styling

Unless you’re a runway model or someone who is embarking on one of life’s most momentous occasions, like your wedding or prom, there is no need to go over board. Today’s styles call for natural hair that moves and falls freely. This is achieved with the proper hairstyle that fits your hair type and the use of just the right hair styling products.

9. Under styling

 Just the opposite of over styling are the millions of women who do nothing. Unless your hair is only a few inches long, it’s not “wash and go". The right hair cut, a little blow drying and styling product can make all the difference in the world. Give it a try!

10. Pick the wrong hair style all together 

Most women choose a hair style that they see on someone else. What looks good on your favorite celebrity or co-worker may not be the hair style that fits your face shape or will work with your type of hair texture, be it wavy, curly, poker straight or thick and springy.Your hair stylist will know what your hair will and will not do, so it is best to bring several hair style pictures with you when visiting your hair stylist for a new hair cut. 

With all the different styles and products you use on your hair on a daily basis, you can imagine just how much damage your hair goes through. Many women purchase and use the wrong hair styling products. By learning what hair care tips to avoid, you can be sure to have strong and healthy hair, no matter what you do to it ! Good luck! :D


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