Friday, December 30, 2011

Ways of Mixing and Matching an Animal Print Polo

Sometime before the Christmas break, our best friend, Diane Cabading, Czar Agbayani of Mixed Culture, Christine Mae Ablao of Classy Rugged Chick and yours truly, have decided to do another photo shoot. It has been a while since we did one. We thought of doing it for our blog. If I were to share my two cents on Fashion, I want it to be wearable and effortless. I mean, what's the point in sharing our sense in it when you can't really wear them on normal days, right? *Peace! Since I  don't do pure fashion, I have decided to share sensible thoughts about mixing and matching certain outfits rather than just do a plain photo shoot. I thought it would be tiring to see my face in the same outfit over and over again. LOL :D

Credits to our great friend, Christine Mae Ablao of Classy Rugged Chick for taking awesome photos! This wouldn't be possible if it weren't for her. Thumbs up! :D :D 

Note: This can also be applicable with a Plaid and Checkered Polo. Dare to be creative! :)

Look number 1.) The most conventional way of wearing an animal print polo is either tucked in or just all loose. Button it up to look prim and proper. Button it down to show the inner top and emphasize the bust. Match it with your favorite pair of pants or even shorts. Earth colors make the animal print stand out. You can make it more ragged and casual by untucking the other side for that effort less look.

Look number 2.) Add spice to your bottoms by wearing high waist shorts or skirts than the typical Denim jeans. Balance the outfit by sticking to solid colors. The best accessories for animal prints are gold bangles and chunky necklaces if you want to glam it up a notch. Wear flats for a casual look. Dare to wear military boots for that Safari vibe!

Look number 3.) Wear a neutral top or even a tunic blouse as an inner outfit and wrap a belt around for a new twist. You don’t have to wear the same shorts like I did. Pair your fitted tunic top with dark colored leggings. Who told you that you can’t wear winter inspired clothes in the Philippines? Wear boots for a night out drama and finish the look with a scarf!
Look number 4.) This attire may not be different from the first one. However, if you wish to add a little oomph to your typical polo, unbutton the lower top and tie it into a ribbon. Unbutton the upper top to show off your neck line and match it with a high waist pants. Add chunks if accessories if you wish.

Look number 5.) Wear dark solid colors such as Black or Brown over your animal print polo for that preppy look. Make the outfit look more sophisticated when heading off to the office by wearing boot leg pants in neutral colors such as Cream, Black or White. Match your outfit with pointed heels or flats and you’re ready to go.

We just had so many ideas in our minds but if I were to share them all in one photo shoot, it would require me to bring a bundle of clothing and accessories which I find very inconvenient to do since we only have limited time and we didn’t have a dressing room. We even had to hide around the bushes to change clothes and it was very uncomfortable! It was a good thing Diane brought her big scarf to cover us up. What a dragging day. We were very hungry after the shoot. Haha!

So there you go girls, just keep in mind that being fashionable enough doesn’t require you to pile on different clothes. Sometimes, it’s all about the technique of mixing and matching them while most of the time, it’s just all about how you carry yourself with confidence. Byers! :D

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