Sunday, January 29, 2012

Forever 21-ish accessories

During the Ateneo Fiesta, Czar accompanied me to this famous local thrift store for accessories here in Zamboanga City to look for some good chunks. I found a lot of nice accessories but I wasn't really happy with their brassy colors. I only bought one butterfly necklace while Czar ended up buying 3 pieces. LOL :P

There are so many accessories out there but they are quite discouraging to me because they look quite dirty. So one day, I decided to just work with them than spend too much moolah on Forever 21 accessories when they almost look the same as the ones you buy in a thrift store.

Yes, spray your typical accessories with Gold coating for a vibrant finish!

If you are wondering what the masking tape and scissors are for, they are used to protect certain areas such as the stones and jewels if you don't want them to turn into Gold, too.

I am sure that most of your accessories look like antique. Dark and dull. I personally want to make them look like the standout in my outfits. So below is the final look of the sprayed items.

Cool huh? They're actually more vibrant in person. My friends actually thought I got them from Forever 21. Hihihi! :P

Though pearls are very elegant on a lady, they tend to add age. So I decided to spray them with gold and they make any outfit look extra classy.

In case you're wondering how much the can of spray costs, I bought it for only 80php from the hardware store. I also bought a clear spray which costs the same as the Gold one for that embossed finish. If you have the time, maybe you can try this out and put a spin to your typical accessories. Try silver tones for a change. I hope this was helpful. ^_^ Byers!

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