Monday, February 13, 2012

Different Makeup For Different Skin Tones

Don't you just hate it when you go out with makeup on and your girl friends would be like, "Why you so cakey?" Then your sibling would be like, "Asaan ang Halloween Party? Or your partner would be like, "Inumaga ka ata sa party" EPIC FAIL. Here are the quick and NATURAL makeup tips for every Morena (Tan), Fair Skinned and Chinita girls out there!

Morena – To get that gorgeous glowing tan look mix a little bronzer into your moisturizer.
  • Pick a shade of foundation that matches your skin exactly to keep from looking ashy.
  • Go for Gold or Bronze shades on your eyes to set off your tan.
  • Warm blush with hints of copper or orange to bring out your best glow
  • Dab on deep toned lipstick for a pop of color
This look is best for day time for that fresh vibe
This look is perfect for a romantic date. Golden Bronzer is your best friend.
This look is best for a night out with girl friends. Smokey eyes make a huge difference

Mestiza – Keep your fair complexion and killer bone structure looking soft and sweet with a hint of peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Fill in brows with a shade that’s a little lighter than your hair color to look polished, but not severe.
  • Sweep cool brown shadow on your lids to give your eyes a subtle smolder. A touch of highlighter in the inner corners brightens them up.
  • Brush a light peach – pink blush on your cheeks for a natural looking flush

This look is very flattering on Mestizas with brown hair
While this look is best for Mestizas with Snow White complexion
Highlighting the face really makes your fair skin look more dewy than pale

Chinita – Make an almond shaped eyes pop with a touch of beige highlighter on the inner corners, and shimmery shadow on the lower lid.
  • Asian lashes tend to grow straight, so curl yours and top them with off with mascara to open up your eyes.
  • Line lower lids with shimmery shadow or white pencil for major impact
  • Eyeshadow should extend past your eye socket so that the color peeks through.
  • Peach or apricot toned blush looks fab on your skin.
This look is the simplest way to achieve the Doll Face effect. However, you really need to have a flawless complexion to pull this off.
This look is best for work and day time activities. This is usually my go to look in order to add color to my pale skin
An eyeliner really makes a difference. It makes your almond eyes look bigger. Add circle lenses for that dramatic effect.


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