Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My February So Far

I have to admit as cheesy as it sounds but February has been my favorite month since Peter and I started dating. I don't know, things just got better from there. LOL :P Well, after I recovered from my sickness, I have decided to take care of myself more and get back to the healthy lifestyle. I stopped working since I got back here in Zamboanga because my mom doesn't really need an extra hand at the office. I figured that I might as well use my free time to focus on my health and relationship while I prepare for the upcoming entrance exam for Medical School.

The first thing I did when I got back from Cebu was to see Peter and Fuzzy. We went to attend the mass and then we brought Fuzzy to his Vet for his second anti-rabies shot. The day after this was the day I got really sick.

Within the span of two weeks, I have had Diarrhea and Emesis. It was bad. I didn't even get to attend one of my close friend's wedding! Huhu. On top of that, my friends were so annoying, kept on texting me to come with them to the wedding, like my sickness can heal in a day or two. Geez.

So I have been drinking Gatorade for over 2 weeks since I was heavily dehydrated from my sickness. I am not going to mention my diagnosis because it kinda feels awkward for me to share it. Hahaha

 When I finally recovered, we went to this Firing session with Peter Paul's family at Pasonanca. It was my first time to fire a gun. I almost hit the bull's eye. Oh yeah! The recoil was quite hard, it hurt my hands. Haha! One thing I have learned is that a gun is too powerful. With just a trigger, you can steal someone's life. I don't want to mess with it.

Peter was concentrating hard. haha :P

Shoot the heart! Fuck Valentine's day. Hahaha

Peter and I are often at Peter Paul's house. So whenever we are there, this is what he always does. Oh boyyy.

Peter is always a young at heart. Hahaha!
Finally, Valentine's day. Well, Peter apparently was on his afternoon shift for his RLE. I didn't expect for us to celebrate because after all, Valentine's day is nothing compared to the days we spend together. ^_^
I was getting ready to meet mom for dinner.

Well, Dad couldn't come home for V day but that's okay.

We enjoyed the dinner nonetheless :)

This is what I came home to eventually. Peter surprised me when he left these cute balloons on our doorstep when we got home from dinner. Awww <3

After this, Peter arrived at our house and asked for my mom's permission to let us go out for a late evening stroll. I appreciated his efforts and I enjoyed the night :)
Finally, the December NLE results came out. We were so anxious for a long time. The agony was finally over! I have to admit, it was quite a bittersweet moment for me. I am happy that some of my friends finally passed the exam but at the same time, I feel sorry for those who didn't make it. Still, life goes on. Every experience has a lesson to offer.
We care for Mark so much. We just had to comfort him. We know, he is strong and he can do it all over again.

Friends never leave each other behind. Through hardships and through success, we will always be at your side :)
Ahh! The day we've been waiting for! February 19, 2012. Our second anniversary together as a couple. You know, if there's one thing I've learned about this relationship, it's that Love is never selfish. You have to learn to let go of other important things to save something special. You always have to go out of your comfort zone to make it work. The more you make an effort, the bigger you invest your emotions into it. I honestly am not that kind of person but when you find the right person, you'll see. It's worth taking the risk. When Peter and I first started, we thought things might get boring for us because both of us came from long term relationships. We thought we would be like, "Been there, done that." We were wrong. Everyday is something new for us. The experience may be the same from the past but the feelings are definitely different. We've both grown up and matured. I could truly say, I don't see my future with anyone else but with him. Yes, I have become cheesy now. Don't mind me. I like the way I am. Haha!
I painted my nails bright Red for that festive and romantic vibe. For some reason, I don't want anyone to do my nails. It freaks me out. Whenever I had to come to the salon with my mom, I always tell the lady to just trim my nails and not to give me a manicure or remove my cuticles. I noticed that for many girls, their nail beds have become thinner. That thought already gives me different scary ideas. @_@

Peter always brings out the girly side in me. I like it. Haha :) My wounds on my face are quite noticeable in this photo. I had a facial the day before. Pfft.

A Sunday mass and a dinner overlooking the city made our day more than special. We had so much fun talking about how we first started off and how we plan our future to be.
So for the month of February, I've been pretty much laid back. Most of my days consist of reading and watching television while most of my evenings consist of jogging with mom and playing badminton  with Peter at Pasonanca park. Mom and Peter have been playing against each other too! They look so funny, I couldn't stop watching while laughing! I also dyed my hair back to Black just a while ago because I feel like I look Samal-ish with my over grown roots! I like it now. I look more pale and I seem like I am wearing a wig though. LOL I have to start learning how to pull this off. I wish this laptop can stop being retarded so I can start uploading photos from my cellphone. It can't read the Apple's USB connection! Dammit! Huhu.

Goodbye, February! You have been Oh so Sweet to me despite the mishaps I've been through. I am definitely looking forward to my birthday month, March! Sharmila is coming over for a visit. Peter is finally graduating soon! Not to mention, the entrance test for Med school is also coming up. With God's grace, I pray that everything will turn out to be okay.

I hope your February went well! :D God bless! Say hello to MARCH! ^_^

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