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10 Easy Ways to Prevent Aging

I bet a lot of us bloggers here are already on our early 20s. At this age, our skin is at it's healthiest and our collagen production is full. However, as much as I hate to break it to you, by the age of 25, our healthy cells will start to deteriorate and our collagen production will decrease. This is the start of aging process. Once you age, you can never reverse it unless you go under the knife. Age repair creams are useless. I repeat, useless.

My mom is a complete health freak and she's very conscious about her skin. She's already 49 ( turning 50 in a few days ) and she only has little fine lines. I grew up watching her do her beauty rituals and I must say, it doesn't take much money to keep yourself healthy and glowing. However, it takes a lot of discipline to do so.

Here are the stuff I've learned from her:

1.) Avoid the sun - The first step to any good skin care routine is keeping it out of harm’s way. Simply put, limit your skin’s exposure to the sun as much as possible. All the UVA and UVB rays fry up the skin surface and cause collagen break down causing you dry skin and wrinkles. It's almost impossible to stay away from the sun because we're not vampires but it's best to avoid it from 8am-4pm where the sun is at it's hottest peak.

For those who like to sun bathe, good luck!
2.) Sun block is a must have! - So you think that an Spf 15 can already protect you? think again. If you are confused by how Spf works, let's not get into complex explanations and just think of it as this way, the number of Spf is the number of times it can protect you. Spf 15 can only offer 15x protection to your skin. Spf 30 can only offer 30x protection from the sun. Since we live in a very hot humid weather, it is wiser to use Spf 50 for those who go to school or work. For those who are always outdoors, Spf 100 is your best choice. Apply sunblock every 4 hours.

If you need a sunblock that doesn't have a greasy feel, Neutrogena Helioplex Dry Touch sunblock can be your bet. It absorbs really well. You can find this at Watsons and other grocery stores.

3.) Moisturize - All skin types need to moisturize, even the oily ones. However, you have to understand that skin types have different needs. You need moisturizers that fit your skin type. For dry skin, choose moisturizers that are creamy. For oily skin, gel-based moisturizers will fit you best since it is easily absorbed by the skin and does not grease your face. For acne-prone skin, there are a lot of moisturizers in the market that are created for sensitive skin. I researched on drug store products that are commonly found here in our country so you can get access to them if you are on the hunt for moisturizers.
This gel base moisturizer is best for oily skin. You can usually find this at Watsons.
Olay is very much known for it's ultra moisturizing properties. This may be perfect for dry skin. you can find this at every grocery stores in the city.
for acne prone and sensitive skin, Aveeno is by far the most gentle moisturizer you can find in the market. In line with that, you can also find Neutrogena and St. Ives. They also work wonders!
 4.) Exfoliate - Exfoliation helps promote cellular renewal by stimulating the fibroblasts.  Remember the things that produce collagen, elastin, and GAG’s (providers of ‘snap back’ and hydration). Scrub 1-2x a week. If you are using a product that already contains Alpha, Beta and Polyhydroxy Acids which are simply applied and left on the skin, you should limit your exfoliation to once a week since these substances already peel off dead surface skin cells. You don't want to thin out your skin. Never ever use body scrubs on your face because these products are really aggressive for the delicate facial skin. Make sure you wear sunblock if you're going out after exfoliating the skin since the new skin layers are fresh and fragile.

St. Ives is renowned for the best scrub amongst drug store products.
5.) Invest in a quality pair of sunnies - Believe it or not, it is an everyday essential. The skin around your eyes are the thinnest amongst any part of your body. It means that it is very fragile and prone to wrinkling especially if you are under the sun and you squint a lot. The sun breaks down your collagen resulting to loss of skin's elasticity especially around the corners of your eyes. If you think that a random pair of sun glasses can already get you through, think again. The cheap ones that you can easily buy around the corner do not have UVA and UVB shields to protect your eyes. You will know if your sunnies are of good quality if you don't squint under the sun while wearing your sunnies. If you still do, better invest in a good pair!

Remember to buy sunnies that can cover your whole eye area including the brows. If you don't know the right sun glasses for your face shape, click here to view my tips on this.
6.) Avoid makeup - I hate to break it you ladies but makeup does a lot of harm than good in your skin. The chemicals used in cosmetics, some of them are good and most have bad effects. Many people use makeup on daily basis. An alarming amount of cosmetics can actually be absorbed into the skin or breathed into the lungs. Cosmetics are manufactured using different chemicals and some of these chemicals are linked to health problems and most common problems include cancer or other allergic problems. Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogen and disruptive of normal hormone function. It is the exposure to external estrogen's that have been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. Athletes have been known to cause a broad range of birth defects and lifelong reproductive impairments. Be careful with the things you put on your face, especially eye shadows and eyeliners. Not only will they wrinkle your skin but they may cause harm to your vision.

If you really need to conceal little flaws or balance out your skin tone, try tinted moisturizers. I have this, Myra E moisturizer and it provides a medium but smooth coverage. You can never go wrong with the price!
You can also opt for mineral foundations and powders. They provide good coverage and are a lot safer on the skin because of their organic ingredients.
7.) Load up on Vitamins - Antioxidants are known to prevent agents called free radicals from damaging cells in the body and the skin. Free radicals are a result of normal body processes, but they can also be created by exposure to various environmental factors such as smoking or ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and can speed up the aging process.

mineral selenium helps protect the body from cancers, including skin cancer caused by sun exposure. It also preserves tissue elasticity and slows down the aging and hardening of tissues associated with oxidation. Dietary sources of the mineral include whole grain cereals, seafood, garlic, and eggs. 

Experts consider vitamin E to be the most important antioxidant because it protects cell membranes and prevents damages to enzymes associated with them. Supplementation with vitamin E in 400 milligrams a day has been noted to reduce photodamage, wrinkles and improve skin texture. Natural sources of vitamin E include vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, grains, oats, nuts, and dairy products.

Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant found in the skin. It's also found in vegetables and citrus fruits. Like vitamin E, vitamin C is considered important in repairing free radicals and preventing them from becoming cancerous or accelerating the aging process. 

8.) Eat right! - You can never look glowing on the outside if you are not healthy on the inside, makes sense? Fruits and Vegetables are clinically proven anti-oxidants that get rid of free radicals from the body. Not only do they provide vitamins that nourish the cells, they also combat diseases by strengthening the immune system. I know not everyone likes to eat vegetables which is why it takes a lot of discipline to be able to get into the habit of doing so. If you have noticed, vegetarians not only live longer, but they have very healthy complexion. You don't need to become vegetarian to achieve healthy skin as long as you follow the right amount of serving of fruits and vegetables.

As you can see, meat, fish and other alternatives should only be 12% in your diet while fatty and sugary foods should only be 7%. If you don't get into the habit of eating the right foods, not only will you age faster but you will also be at a terrible risk of Cancer and Diabetes.
9.) Exercise Regularly - We already know that exercise keeps our muscles toned and our skin firm. So with that being said, if you don't want to look all flabby, saggy and weak, you should know that exercise is not an option but a choice. Not only will it stimulate your metabolism to work well but it also aids to get rid of toxins and stress. This is not only beneficial to your skin but it is also important for your health. Always think long term. If you are not fond of exercising, why don't you play a sport that you like? If you enjoy what you are doing, you wouldn't notice the feeling of getting tired!

If you are enjoying what you are doing, it will be in your heart to keep going!
10.) Avoid the wrong crowd - This is what many people fail to take note of. All of the items above, 1-9 will all be useless if you don't have proper discipline. Tto be able to have discipline is to be able to get rid of negative influences around you. If you hangout with friends that smoke, drink and party, expect yourself to be at risk any time soon. Even if you don't smoke, second hand smoking not only contributes to Lung Cancer but it also throws toxins on your skin. Don't be surprised if you look more haggard than your friends. I am not saying that you leave your friends but it is important for you to consider your lifestyle. why don't you invite your friends instead so you can all get into the habit of living right? Be a support system!

Always remember, learn to say "No"

Okay. So those are only the things that you need to take note of. It may sound easy but hard to do. It takes a lot of discipline. Always remember, health is an investment. I'm sure you want to look fresh even in your late 40s. You don't have to worry about getting under the knife or getting injections. As long as you start early and get into the right phase, people will immediately notice a difference in your appearance.

I hope this is helpful :) Comments are returned. Good luck and Stay healthy! ^_^

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