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Makeup Brush Collection with Reviews and Tips

Okay, so before I start with my entry, I would just like to let you all know that these products are bought by yours truly and are in no way, sponsored or anything like that. LOL :) This is my first time to share this online. It's kind of difficult to share something without people judging you for being showy. I just want to share these stuff with you so I can express my thoughts about brushes and the like because I think they're very important in our vanity kit.

Let me introduce my first set of brushes, The Nichido basic set.
I started collecting brushes when I was 19 years old. This was my very first basic brush set. This can be found at all Watsons drug stores. I bought mine at SM Cebu. This is very ideal for beginners in make up and those who don't want to spend so much for brushes. I forgot how much this set costs but I believe it was more or less 150php. 

What I love about it:
-It is made of goat's hair. Very soft and silky on skin
-It has minimal shedding! I'm actually surprised for that price
-It doesn't get easily dirty ( because it's animal hair, it doesn't collect as much dirt as synthetic ones )
-You get the Blush/Powder brush, the Eye shadow brush, Brow brush w/ comb and the Lip brush
What I don't love about it:
- Split ends! Really? Yes, it's goat's hair
-I literally have to condition it to avoid drying of ends
-They become frizzy once they start to dry after washing
-I just find the lip brush absurd. Goat's hair on your lips. Ehh.

This is my second set of brushes. The Charm Travel Pro v2
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This is the actual photo of my brushes
 The Charm Travel Pro v2 set is intended for those make up enthusiasts who are always on the go. It is a blend of soft animal hair and synthetic hair to have that balance between volume and silkiness of the brush. I decided to get the travel set because it's easier to grab your brushes and fit them into a bag whenever you need them unlike those regular brushes with long handles. They are difficult to store and keep.

The set includes:
1. Dual Fibre Brush
2. Powder Brush
3. Angled Blush Brush
4. Jumbo Concealer Brush
5. Multi-purpose Eyeshadow and Blending Brush
6. Pencil Point Brush
7. Contour Eye/Nose Brush
8. Flat Liner Brush
9. Angled Liner Brush ( for eyebrows and eyeliner )
10. Pointed Eyeliner Brush
11. Brow Spoolie Brush
12. Retractable Lip Brush

What I love about it:
-The compact bag surely does a great job at keeping the brushes in place
-The clear cover keeps the brushes clean and dust free
-Very sleek and you can always carry it around like a purse
-VERY minimal or almost NO shedding! I just love it!
-It doesn't dry out and it doesn't get split ends. lol
-Sleek handles! Plus, they're pink!
-Every brush is useful. 

What I don't love about it:
-Since the brushes are still half synthetic, they're not as smooth and silky as animal hair
-I honestly was disappointed by the jumbo concealer brush (in orange hair) It's quite stiff
-It is pricey.  I saved up 1,800php just for this set.

This is by far, the holy grail amongst the brushes! Charm Travel Pro v3
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The Charm Travel Pro v3 is a blend of soft animal hair and synthetic hair but the new edition promises to deliver softer and silkier feel. This time, you get 14 professional brushes. They have finally added the foundation brush for those who are fond of liquid foundations. They also have the dome brush which is perfect for blending eye makeup plus new brushes for precision. All these in one sassy black faux croc pouch with hot pink zippers. I bought this last year when I started to work. I feel like the whole concept matured just like me because of the added features and the chic color. I felt the urge to buy this so I would have something to switch with my previous brushes so they can take a rest and have their turn after the new brushes are cleaned. This is perfect for advanced makeup enthusiasts out there!

The set includes:
1. Stippling Brush
2. Powder Brush
3. Foundation Brush
4. Angled Blush Brush
5. Concealer Brush
6. Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush
7. Blending Brush
8. Pencil Point Brush
9. Angled Eyeshadow Brush
10. Flat Liner Brush
11. Bent Eyeliner Brush
12. Eyebrow Shading Brush
13. Brow Spoolie
14. Lip Brush

This is where I store my brushes to keep it protected and dust free
What I love about it:
-The black faux croc pouch surely is a hit! It looks like a purse and/or a wallet
-It's definitely silky and smooth on the skin! The brushes are dense but not stiff
-VERY minimal or NO shedding at all! I don't remember it shed a single hair!
-It's very easy to clean and it doesn't get frizzy
-The ends don't become brittle at all
-Since it's travel size, everything is sleek and ready to keep
-Over all, I love the appearance. It just screams Glam

What I don't love about it:
-The Price. It retails for 2,200php It may be a pain in the ass to save a lot of money for this but I can say it's worth it for advanced makeup enthusiast
-Not applicable for beginners, yet

Meet my most favorite brush, Luxe Flat Top Brush
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 The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush is created with densely packed synthetic bristles that works great for packing in loose mineral foundation or even pressed powder for that build able and and very even coverage on the skin.I prefer applying loose mineral powder on a daily basis and I must say, this has become my best friend. Hehe. This product retails for 600php but I do guarantee you that it's worth every penny! :)

What I love about it:
-VERY dense yet VERY smooth and silky on the skin. Hands down!
-It's made of synthetic hair but it feels light and silky
-It packs in loose powders and pressed powders well, no amount of product goes to waste
-It really evens out all the products without caking
-It's Pink! So cute!
-Easy to clean, easy to dry
-It has VERY minimal or NO shedding at all!

What I don't love about it:
-I honestly don't have any complains about this brush. I just wish this comes in travel size and a good pouch so I can easily bring it with me anywhere

This is my baby right here. The Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki Brush

 The Charm Luxe retractable kabuki is made of synthetic, vegan hair. This promises to glide on to your skin like a velvet. This is great for girls who are on the go and those who prefer compact and loose powders. This is the highlight in my vanity kit and I use this for applying my Revlon Photo Ready Finishing powder  during touch ups throughout the day. This baby gets a lot of compliments whenever my friends see it. Hahaha! They also have one in Gold. This product is sold for 580php.

What I love about it:
-It does a great job with packing in loose powder and compact powder
-Very very dense yet so so soft and smooth on skin
-NO SHEDDING! :) I love it!
-Very easy to clean and dries well. It doesn't frizz
-It doesn't get easily dirty. You just shake it off and the excess powder comes off
-It's well protected from dirt and dust because of it's retractable container

What I don't love about it:
-None! I actually was scared that it may be prone to scratches and the pink color may come off because it's metal so I had to tape it to avoid those stuff. It still looks cute though :)

 So that's it for my Charm brushes collection. I know they are quite pricey but they are good investments for makeup enthusiasts like me. Overall, I would say that they are all worth the money I saved up for. If you are interested and wish to order as well, you may reach them through online. Just click I also know someone who sells them here in our local city. I bought my Charm Travel Pro v2 and Charm Luxe Retractable Kabuki from here. You can visit her online shop. Just click

So for my last but definitely not the least. Essence of Beauty Duo Brushes
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This set has three dual-ended brushes to help you complete your look. This is definitely PERFECT for travel! Concealer Brush and Foundation Brush are both made of synthetic fiber. Apply foundation to the center of cheeks and forehead, blending outward for better coverage. Do not apply to eyelids. Blender Brush and Powder brush are made of all animal hair. Apply powder all over to reduce shine and set makeup. Blush Brush and Shadow Brush are made of animal hair.I got lucky. My set came with a bonus brush, the crease brush! I bought it from maam Ched's stall at Robinson's Talisay Cebu for 700php. I thought I didn't need another set of brushes but when I saw the set, I immediately fell in love. It has been traveling with me ever since!!!

What I love about it:
-Definitely soft and smooth on the skin
-Your best traveling buddy ever!
-Very easy to clean and easy to dry. It doesn't frizz!
-The set does a job well done in distributing the product on face evenly
-I really love the bonus brush! It can be eye shadow and blending brush. You don't need a different one. This brush does all the tricks!

What I don't love about it:
-I find that the Powder brush is smaller. I expected it to be big but it's smaller than the blush brush. It definitely needs a lot of work to get coverage on the average face
-This set comes in a zipped pouch. I don't find it sanitary. I hope this came with a pouch just like the Charm Travel Pro

My tips in choosing your own brushes:
-Consider first your enthusiasm in the art of makeup. If you just want some color on your face, just go for the basic set.
-If you are a beginner in makeup and want to learn advanced techniques, I recommend that you watch tutorials first before you get to decide what are the tools you would need
-For girls who already have the makeup skills and know what they would need, I truly recommend you to invest in good quality brushes that would really last
-Consider your lifestyle. If you are always on the go and always traveling, go for brushes that are easy to carry.
-Always ask the seller what kind of hair is used for the brushes. Remember, animal hairs are more likely to fall off and split while synthetic hairs tend to be stiff. Always test the brushes first or read reviews about them on the net if you're getting a set online
-TAKE YOUR TIME. No matter how cute they are. Think first whether or not you would need it

Okay. That's it for my makeup brushes collection. I know they seem quite too much for a lady like me. I don't often wear makeup but they always make the makeup time extra fun! I feel like I am paint artist. HAHAHA! ^_^
Comments are graciously returned. I hope you had fun reading this and I get to share some ideas in choosing the perfect brushes for you to fit your lifestyle!

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