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Tips and Tricks for Hiding Your Body Flaws

Wooh. I feel like I'm becoming such a girlaloo. It's quite unlikely of me back in college. LOL :P So I thought about getting back to Fashion blogging but since a lot of my fellow Zamboanga Bloggers are already established on that category, I might as well bring something to the table by doing another Tips and Tricks Article because I think that a lot of girls want to be fashionable too but they worry that their body types hinder them from expressing their inner fashion sense.

Just because the trends are brought by skinny models doesn't mean you don't have the right to set your own trends. Remember, they are chosen because they fit the designer's sample size hand made clothing. What I thought of discussing here is about real bodies by real women. This is not about starving yourself to fit the category of model-ish girls but rather concealing your imperfections and enhancing your perfections. ^_^

Wide waist and/or Bulging stomach
The most obvious thing to do here is to avoid fitted tops. I personally have wide waist and slim extremities. My best bet is to buy hip hugging pants or jeans and wear loose Tops like Tunics outside of pants. This style conceals the waist. Avoid short, thin in texture and soft colored tops which bare the mid torso, as they will emphasize your fault. 
Important tip: Stick to your size and your body structure. Wearing something too small and too tight will only accentuate the problem and wearing something that is too large for you will only make it obvious that you’re trying to hide something. Instead, stick to a happy medium: your true size!
This creates an illusion of bigger breasts and flat stomach

Add accessories to pull attention away from the trunk.

flared pants and skirts create a balance proportion. Cardigans create slimmer angles.
Tops that flow freely are cute. Accessorize it to make it more lively.

Big breasts
Most Asians with big breasts are either chubby or on the plus size category. I honestly think they shouldn't be covered but rather complemented. Tailored vest is your best friend. Not only will it make you chic but it also minimizes the attention to you breast. Opt for solid colors when it comes to pairing it with inner clothing. Try wearing high cut blouses and accessorize it with a chunk necklace for that balance look. Halters and V-necks may be worn too without drawing attention to the chest by wearing pastel and solid colors. Avoid plunging tops and chunky necklaces that attract the chest area.

Broad shoulders
Usually, girls with broad shoulders have inverted Triangle body shape. Which means, you tend to look like a Hanger. I personally belong to this category. I wouldn't mind if my shoulders are emphasized, as long as I get to balance them with my hips by wearing A-line bottoms and layered skirts. Give them a soft look with V-shaped necks and asymmetrical and embellished pieces. Avoid shoulder pads and puffy sleeves, tubes and plain cardigans.

Tops with embellished shoulder cut the broadness of shoulders.

Thicker straps and wider halters soften the angle of shoulders

Heavy thighs
A lot of girls with heavy thighs wear shorts and ultra fitted pants. These pieces really put everything out of proportion. Same is the case with dresses. Wear skirts with soft gathers and pleats. Avoid wearing high waist shorts, skirts and pants because they bring attention to your lower torso. Choose skirts and pants in a solid color, but wear tops that bring attention upward such as bright colors and prints. When you wear a modest black skirt with a loud, sexy, print shirt, no one will even notice your legs.
Dresses and Tunics with asymmetrical cuts definitely give you the illusion of bigger hips and smaller thighs.

Colorful tops bring the attention upward.

Remember to keep your bottoms simple.

Heavy hips
Heavy hips usually mean Pear shape bodies. The trick is to be able to balance your top and your bottom body. Do not wear fitted blouses and short fitted jackets. Layer the clothing on your top body by wearing long blouse or a banded top then cover with a cardigan.Gently flared hips or wrapped styles conceal large hips. Stay away from shorts and go in for knee length or above the knee culottes with slight flares. The length of the garment is very important for large hips so avoid short skirts and opt for slightly above the knee or knee length cut.

Flat Chest
Whoever told you that girls with flat chests are not women enough must be too shallow. Be happy because you don't have to worry about stretch marks, sagging and increase risk of breast cancer! The best way to make your chest appear fuller is to wear tops that have details on the chest area such as embellishments, ruffles, prints and pockets. Avoid plunging necklines because they draw unwanted attention.

Big and/or Flabby Arms
For girls with big arms, wearing sleeveless tops may be really impossible. For those who really insist, they tend to look like boxers and that creates an imbalance to the whole proportion of the body. My mom is from the plus size type so I learned a lot of tricks from her. I learned that Tops with full sleeves are not boring at all. Try lace sleeves or kimono cover ups for the young vibe. Sleeves that flow freely look gorgeous and appropriate. Cropped tops bring attention to the trunk instead of the arms while asymmetrical pieces bring attention to the shoulders. Avoid the dark cardigans and shawls, they make it obvious that you are hiding something.

 Chicken Legs
The main issue with girls with skinny legs is the gap between their thighs. They tend to be teased with having an elephant crossed their crotch. It can also be disturbing when wearing fitted bottoms and swim suits. So the best way to make chicken legs look healthy and sexy is by wearing bottoms with looser fittings when paired with shorter tops. For those who want to wear fitted pants or leggings, wear longer tops and tunics to cover the crotch. Colorful and printed knee length skirts give the illusion of fuller thighs. Go for pants with loud colors and wild prints. Flare pants and Palazzo bottoms  are so IN this season and they compliment skinny legs better than average ones.
See the wide gap? That is very disturbing.
Knee length skirts are great for skinny legs.

I hope you find this informative. Thank you for taking the time to read. Comments are returned. ^_^

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