Saturday, April 26, 2008


i typed this blog last april 17, 2008 but it completely went wacko so i deleted my post.
this was way back when i was still in Cebu. this happened before my experience on "best friends or best enemies?" just thought i'd let you know so you wont get confused.


okey so now i'm here in Cebu City spending my summer vacation instead of attending my summer classes in Zamboanga. I'm so dissapointed of how things turned out. I should have transferred but i refused. I mean changing schools and the place where i lived had always been my plan ever since because i hated Zamboanga, it's a shit hole. I hated everyone (that excludes my friends of course). It was what Ciara and I always thought of. Now i'm here in Cebu, it just doesnt feel right. I dont know why. Something or someone is pulling me back. I was already at Cebu Doctor's University. I got in. There was a condition though, I had to repeat the major subject because that's their standard and if i go for it, my status will remain as first year student. I didn't really care though. I only made it a big deal so i would have an option whether to transfer or not. I just dont know why. So mom wanted me to try San Carlos University. I went there. The dean wasnt around and i have to wait for two weeks before she comes back and evaluate my grades. They didnt have their major subject yet and that automatically means I'm in. However, i told my dad i'm bone tired from all the waiting and shit so he told me not to transfer and just bear with all the people until i graduate. This is mind-buggling and i'm so fucked up in this situation! Until now i still can't decide what to do with my life, whether i should transfer or not but like, what the fuck??? I don't know if i'm making the right move or not. geeeez! all i ever wanted was to move away, far away and start all over again but there's a part of me that say's a should stay. so right now i'm all cynical and i definitely need a grip before i lose everything. it's now or never. THINK JENNY! THINK!!! this life is a bitch. i need to get over this as soon as i can because right now, everything depends on me. fuck this shit, i need a break! :[

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