Wednesday, July 22, 2009

missing out...

Damn.... I wonder how much can I handle.. School is freaking me out and work seems to stress everything >.< Everyone's been getting sick and I'm lucky because I'm far :)

I'm missing out on everythingggg. I havent talked to a handful of people ever since I hit junior year and I dont know if that's still normal. I wish time would tick really fast so I can finally finish this shit and get back to things I normally do... So okay fine, here we go again with the ranting. Well this is parrt of life and I guess no matter how hard I will complain here, this wouldnt make a difference, I'm still swamped in school >.<

I miss my Dad, I havent talked to him in weeks! I miss the Funkerz, I wonder what theyre up to now. I miss my best friends, we barely see each other anymore. Damn, I miss my effin' social life! I cant seem to enjoy it whenever there's a chance because my mind is at school.

Midterms are on their way to haunt us so this is gonna be really stressful as the days progress.. If there's anything I'd like to say to that:

asjkdpeigperjge[ti4kt!!!! fuck that x2! @_@
yeah I apologize for the harsh words. LOL I can't help it.

I definitely need Florence Nightingale so enlighten my mind. Hahahaha xD shet. I'm losing it.


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