Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Five Things

So my friend Stephanie tagged me to do this survey. I must admit, this made me reflect a lot on myself and my perceptions in life. I enjoyed answering this survey and I guess, I exposed more of myself through this.

1.)5 things about yourself
-Feisty by nature
-I am goofy and adorkable. lol
-I love watching horror and thriller movies though I'm a scared y cat
-I am never boring
-I always do what I feel like over what I should

2.)5 things you like about yourself
-I am opinionated and positive
-I never go down without a fight
-I have long patience
-I am protective when it comes to friends and loved ones
-I can take criticisms well

3.)5 things you don't like about yourself
-I am tactless and insensitive most of the time
-I tend to show people a taste of their own medicine
-I can be violent with others, physically.
-I easily get discouraged
-I abandon people when I get discouraged

4.)5 compliments that you often get from people
-My height is proportional to my body frame
-I have smooth skin. Peter raves about it all the time. lol
-I am Miss Hamster Cheeks
-I have been told that I handle confrontations well
-They say I have a classy clothing style

5.)5 favorite songs that describe your mood
-Good Life - One Republic
-Domino - Jessie J.
-Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry
-Wonderwall - Oasis
-What Do You Want From Me - Forever the Sickest Kids

6.)5 things you like about an opposite sex
-Guys who are thoughtful
-Guys who know how to do household chores
-Guys that don't have potty mouth
-Guys that don't have substance abuse
-Guys that are NOT vain. lol

7.)5 things you dislike about the same sex
-I don't like girls who post too much negativity on Facebook
-Girls that are choosy and have high standards that don't match their self worth
-Overly edited photos that look nothing like them in person
-Girls who threat and wish to kill if only it's not a crime then cave in and run to their friends and family to back them up when they are attacked.
-Fake nose. Fake eyelashes. Fake boobs. Fake hair. Fake nails. You can't expect to find a real man with that.

8.)5 things you love about your special someone
-Peter, hands down, is the most thoughtful guy I have ever met :)
-He makes me feel like a queen and he believes in my capabilities.
-He is very close to my parents. My mom already treats him as her son.
-I am proud to say he has a wonderful and respected family. They really raised him well.
-He is more matured than what others think about him. He knows what he's doing.

9.)5 things you want to change about that person
-I honestly don't want to change anything about him. I have loved him for who is and who he is not. He's not perfect. In fact, he has a lot of flaws. There are times that I have given up on him but he never gives up on me in spite of my irrational behavior and change of heart. He's already too good for any girl. I wouldn't want to change anything about him. Otherwise, he wouldn't be the person I fell in love with.

10.)5 things you want for your birthday
-My complete family. Mom, Dad and Peter
-My true friends
-A day at the church
-I am not looking forward to another party this year. A dinner with my family is more than enough.
-I find that it's too much to ask for and I'm not expecting but hopefully getting a DSLR camera would be possible this year.

11.)5 things you have accomplished
-I have finally learned how to drive and received my own car
-I am a college graduate
-I reached my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse
-I got to travel to my favorite place, Hong Kong
-I gained experience about our family business

12.)5 things you want to accomplish
-Buy a DSLR camera
-Travel to Singapore with my parents
-Enroll in Med School and earn good grades
-Become a physician and specialize on Geriatrics and Gerontology ( I know I'm quite ambitious. lol )
-Organize a big Medical Mission for the people in Leyte and other rural areas

13.)5 things you regret and be honest
-Dating while I was still in High School. I should have allowed myself to grow first
-I regret trusting Carmel and Christine. Period.
-I regret that I lived up to someone's standards when I can be truly loved for who I really am.
-I regret running away from my problems and my obligations.
-I regret the irrational behavior and for giving up many times on the only person that can put up with my shit.

14.)5 things you have learned from your past
-You can't change things no matter how much you cry about it, you can only move forward and start fresh
-You are only young once, so better not waste your time on nonsense things
-People come and go. Expect that to happen today and tomorrow.
-You thought you can never love the way you used to but wait till you find the right person. You'd be surprised with yourself.
-I was weaker than I thought but I have become stronger than I was. That's all that matters.

15.)5 photos that are memorable to you and why
This was the most epic photo we have ever had. LOL :) This was taken in 2008 and my two buddies are as adorkable as I am. I had more boy buds than girl friends. Lesser drama. Lesser issues.

Pin and Ring, 2011. It's that wonderful feeling to be able to make my parents proud that their hard works finally paid off.

Father Chambers. I miss you, truly. He was a great inspiration to me and I will never forget the way he smiles at me in high school. He helped me build my faith. He was a sunshine to everyone.

Okay well that's me. LOL :) I was 5 years old back then and I couldn't care less about everything. I remembered how much I wanted to be a nurse then become a doctor. Now, here I am. A registered nurse. I'm on my way on becoming a doctor. I have truly come a long way :)

This was the time when I brought Peter and Joseph with me to visit my Parents' hometown in Visayas. Peter was the first person I have introduced to my extended family. He is also the last. It's a big deal for us because when you bring a partner to meet your grandparents, be sure that he is already "The One" He is part of our family already :)

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